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Category Archives: New Features

The new Vintage

We released Vintage in 2009, and since then it’s become our most popular theme. Today, we’re releasing an updated version that brings with it all the good things we’ve been adding to all our themes this summer — it adapts perfectly when viewed on a smartphone or tablet, our own branding is subtler, and the […]

The new Rose Petals

Our third updated design this week — and our fifth in this project — here’s the new Rose Petals. It’s a lovely example of what we’re trying to achieve in refreshing our themes: it takes the best characteristics from its predecessor and gives them much more room to breathe. And of course, it adapts brilliantly […]

The new Misty Peaks

Last week, we unveiled the new Paradise, the first of our updated range of design themes for your honeymoon gift list. Today, we’re delighted to bring you the second: the new Misty Peaks. Misty Peaks was initially created back in 2008, and we feel it’s a theme that’s stood the test of time really well. […]

The new Paradise

We’re truly thrilled to finally unveil the first of our new set of design themes for your honeymoon gift list. Our Paradise theme has always been one of our most popular designs, perfect for romantic, beachy honeymoons on tropical shores. The new Paradise takes everything that was great about its predecessor, and adds a whole […]

We’ve now been able to add a new option to our range of alternative domains you can use for your honeymoon gift list: Your guests don’t ever need to see the words “Buy Our Honeymoon” unless you’d like them to!

New gift certificates

With Buy Our Honeymoon, when your guests make a reservation from your wedding list, they can download and print a special, customised gift certificate to give to you on your big day. We first launched these back in 2007, and they’re a really popular way for guests to feel that they have something physical to […]

Not sure yet of your honeymoon plans?

We’re sometimes asked whether it’s possible to use our honeymoon gift list service if you haven’t worked out a detailed honeymoon itinerary — or even if you’re not yet sure of where you’d like to go. Our answer has always been the same: yes, you absolutely can. You don’t have to make your registry as […]

More reliable emails

Email is an important part of the service we provide — when one of your guests buys a gift from your list, we’ll email you with a notification, and email them with a confirmation and their gift certificate. We’ll email you to let you know when your free trial is about to run out, or […]

Direct Debit – an update

In November, we launched our brand-new support for gift payments by Direct Debit, through our partnership with GoCardless. By following an incredibly easy set-up process, you can now offer guests the option to pay for their gifts straight into your bank account using a one-off Direct Debit. They only need to enter a few details […]

Gift payments by Direct Debit

We’re very happy to announce that couples in the UK can now accept payment for gifts through Direct Debit. With Buy Our Honeymoon, your guests pay the value of their gifts to you directly. We don’t take payment from your guests ourselves, and we don’t take a commission out of the gifts you’re given. But […]


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